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Q2 CLINIC, the International network of cannabis clinics comes to Brazil

  • Q2 CLINIC launches in Brazil on Tuesday, November 23, physically in Sao Paulo and in a virtual consultation format nationally to address patient needs all over Brazil.
  • Cannabis based medicines are getting international recognition and can be used to treat various conditions and symptoms.
  • To schedule a consultation in Q2 CLINIC you can enter the website https://q2clinic.com.br or contact the clinic via social media: – twitter & Facebook @q2clinicbrasil – Instagram @q2clinic_brasil

November 23  2021 – Q2 CLINIC announces its launch in Brazil this Tuesday, the 23rd of November 2021. After having launched in Peru and Mexico, the company aims to offer comprehensive pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid treatments to Brasilians, bringing together patients and doctors to treat chronic or debilitating conditions that have not received complete relief with currently available treatments, or for those who want a more natural approach to treating their symptoms.

“We are excited to take our first step in Brazil and  plan to operate in all major cities of the country within the next 6-9 months. We currently provide virtual consultations to reach anyone throughout the country in an accessible and safe way, as well as the option of in-person consultations in Sao Paulo.” mentions Florencia Nijensohn, CEO of Q2 CLINIC. ”At Q2 CLINIC our doctors offer exhaustive advice after reviewing the patient’s medical history, identifying the symptoms that afflict them and evaluating the specificity of the therapies they need. ” 

What is medical cannabis?

A cannabis plant has more than 600 chemical components, of which around 140 are cannabinoids: molecules that work in our own internal system of receptors and transmitters called the “Endocannabinoid System” (SEC), which acts at the molecular level regulating balance of the other systems to ensure basic functions such as food, sleep or defense of the body. The correct regulation of the SEC through a treatment with medical cannabis allows balancing the functioning of the human body and reducing symptoms related to various pathologies like pain, neurological, psychiatric and dermatologic conditions.

“Medical cannabis has the maximum or conclusive level of scientific evidence in various pathologies, and that is why it is an excellent medical treatment option that, as such, must be prescribed and supervised by a doctor. This ensures that its beneficial effects on health are maximized and reduces its collateral or unwanted effects, related to the interaction with other medications, the eating habits and consumption of the patient and their underlying pathologies. ” Says Dr. Adriana Bezerra d’Amorim, Medical Specialist at Q2 CLINIC Brazil.

As an editor of Harvard Health Publications, he is a widely recognized expert on cannabis science and drug policy and a reference on the subject in the USA. 

Q2 CLINIC is part of Quantum Life Sciences group, a company committed to expanding access to cannabinoid medicines worldwide through evidence-based research and quality approved products and services. In Brazil, Quantum Life Sciences has been present since August 2021 and have already launched Medrosan Forte and Medrosan Extra – two very highly rated cannabinoid containing medicines  through their partnership with FarmaUSA.

“We are proud to bring our premium products and services to patients in the Brazilian market. We see great untapped opportunities to continue growing nationwide to achieve our mission of improving people’s lives through high grade cannabinoid medicine” says Karan S. Madan, CEO of Quantum Life Sciences

Q2 CLINIC are all set to launch in Panama, Colombia, Uruguay and India in 2022.

How to start a treatment in Q2 CLINIC BRASIL

Enter https://q2clinic.com.br, go to the section BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. In the first consultation, the patient’s medical history is analyzed, a specific treatment is designed for their needs and they are informed how to obtain their medications. During the following consultations, a follow-up and necessary adjustments are made to achieve the minimum effective dose.

For more information visit https://q2clinic.com.br or follow Q2 CLINIC BRASIL on social media – Twitter & Facebook @Q2ClinicBrasil – Instagram @q2clinic_brasil

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